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13 January 2021

23 October 2019

13 January 2019

29 September 2018

Pinocchio. Belarusian Premiere

13 January 2021

‘There are two kinds of lies: one has short legs, the other has a long nose.’ On 19 December, one of the kindest fairy tales of Carlo Collodi came to life on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus.  It came out almost 140 years ago – and still this story about a wooden doll that became a human being, captivates with its sincerity and kindness. The adventures of Pinocchio are known in at least 90 countries – the book has been translated into so many languages. This story has inspired many directors to create cartoons and movies. And in 2008 the children’s opera Pinocchio by the German composer Gloria Bruni appeared. For the first time it was performed in Hamburg, then it was staged in theatres of Naples, Parma, London and other European cities. During the winter holidays this fairytale story appeared on the Minsk stage. The production team include: conductor Vladimir Ovodok, director Natalia Baranovskaya, designer Lyubov Sidelnikova, choreographer Sergey Mikel, chorus master Sergey Agranovich.

‘The story of a wooden doll that became a human being is especially relevant today,’ Natalia Baranovskaya said. For her, this is the first directorial work on the big stage of the theatre. ‘We all make mistakes, but we grow by correcting them. So Pinocchio, stumbling, still comes to the point that he sacrifices himself for another person.’

The composer Bruni created a Belarusian version of this opera for our theare. Together with conductor Vladimir Ovodok they were looking for the best form of work and we think they have found her. ‘We hope that this production, among other things, will attract young viewers to such a beautiful and magical world of opera. Perhaps this is our main task,’ the conductor said.

Next time this production will be performed on 26, 27, 28, 30 December in the afternoon, and on 3 January two performances will take place at 11: 00 and 14: 00.

We congratulate our wonderful artists and production team, our audience and theatre on the fact that Pinocchio has appeared in the repertoire of the Bolshoi theatre! Happy opening night, friends! Congratulations on a successful premiere, friends!


Carmen, Autumn Trilogy, Ravenna

23 October 2019

03 November 2019 | at 3:30 PM07 November 2019 | at 8:30 PM10 November 2019 | at 4:30 PM

Via Mariani 2 – Ravenna (RA)

Autumn Trilogy
concept and curatorship of the project Cristina Mazzavillani Muti


opéra-comique in three acts and four scenes
libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy
from the novella by Prosper Mérimée
music Georges Bizet

Don José Antonio Corianò
Luca Micheletti
Le Dancaïre Rosario Grauso
Le Remendado Riccardo Rados
Moralès Christian Federici
Zuniga Adriano Gramigni
Carmen Martina Belli (3, 7), Clarissa Leonardi (10)
Micaëla Elisa Balbo
Frasquita Alessia Pintossi
Mercédès Francesca di Sauro
Lillas Pastia; a guide Ivan Merlo
Andrès Luca Massaroli
Un bohémien Ken Watanabe
Une marchande Yulia Tkacenko

conductor Vladimir Ovodok
direction Luca Micheletti
set designer Ezio Antonelli
lighting designer Vincent Longuemare
costumes Alessandro Lai

Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini
Coro Luigi Cherubini
Coro Lirico Marchigiano Vincenzo Bellini
choirmaster Antonio Greco
Coro di voci bianche Ludus Vocalis
choirmaster Elisabetta Agostini

DanzActori Trilogia d’Autunno
scenic movements assistant Lara Guidetti

New production
Co-production Ravenna Festival, Teatro Alighieri di Ravenna, Teatro del Giglio di Lucca, Teatro Comunale di Ferrara

Ruggero Leoncavallo, Pagliacci, 14 February 2019

13 January 2019
Ruggero Leoncavallo

opera in two acts

Thursday | 14 February 2019|19:00

Pagliacci_010Канио – Сергей Франковский

Недда –  Анастасия Москвина

Тонио –  Станислав Трифонов

Сильвио –  Владимир Громов

Беппо – Юрий Городецкий

Дирижер – Владимир Оводок



PAGLIACCI a Piacenza!

29 September 2018
Anteprima di Stagione

Martedì 2 ottobre 2018 ore 10.45 anteprima per le Scuole

Giovedì 4 ottobre 2018 ore 20.30 turno A
Domenica 7 ottobre 2018 ore 15.30 turno B



Dramma in un prologo e tre atti
Libretto di Ruggero Leoncavallo

Personaggi e Interpreti
Nedda Estibaliz Martyn
Canio Diego Cavazzin
Tonio Kiril Manolov 
Beppe Giovanni Sala
Silvio Vittorio Prato

Vladimir Ovodok, direttore
Cristina Mazzavillani Muti, regia e ideazione scenica

Vincent Longuemare, ideazione spazio e luce
Alessandro Lai, costumi


Corrado Casati, maestro del coro
Mario Pigazzini, 
maestro del coro voci bianche

Coproduzione Ravenna Festival
Teatro Alighieri di Ravenna
Fondazione Teatri di Piacenza

Trilogia d’autunno nell’ambito di Ravenna festival

15 September 2017

Grande ispirazione e un grande lavoro di essere il direttore dell lirico trittico nell’ambito di Ravenna festival. Al festival, dove si sono recitati i grandi come : Giuseppe Sinopoli, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Seiji Ozawa, Myung-Whun Chung, Kent Nagano, Georg Sole, Carlos Kleiber, Zubin Mehta, Claudio Abbado…. e, naturalmente, il mio grande professore Riccardo Muti!

С.Рахманинов - Этюд-картина №8 соч.39 d-moll
А.Н.Скрябин - Прелюдия №2 соч.11
А.Н.Скрябин - Этюд des-moll соч.8
С.Рахманинов - Этюд-картина №8 соч.39 d-moll
А.Н.Скрябин - Прелюдия №2 соч.11
А.Н.Скрябин - Этюд des-moll соч.8
С.Рахманинов - Этюд-картина №8 соч.39 d-moll
А.Н.Скрябин - Прелюдия №2 соч.11
А.Н.Скрябин - Этюд des-moll соч.8
С.Рахманинов - Этюд-картина №8 соч.39 d-moll
А.Н.Скрябин - Прелюдия №2 соч.11
А.Н.Скрябин - Этюд des-moll соч.8